A A-Bail-Able Bail Bonds

In America, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. No need to stay incarcerated. In fact, doing so can make your case more difficult.

People are better able to defend against charges on the outside. Trying to communicate with a lawyer while locked up can be impossible. Moreover, you are always stressed. The noise and confusion of jail can get to you. And, that is what prosecutors often depend on. They benefit when defendants are ill-prepared for court hearings and trials.

Get out of jail and get home where you can think, reflect and take action to prove your innocence. Let A A Bail Able Bail Bonds help you stay free.


In most cases, you will not be able to go to court immediately. Both the prosecution and your defense attorney need to sit down and look over the evidence against you. Nevertheless, you are guaranteed your day in court.

Therein lies the problem. Making you go to trial immediately would be a miscarriage of justice. Your defense would be weak. On the other hand, keeping you locked up until the government is ready for trial would also be unjust. That is where A A Bail Able Bail Bonds can help. We can get you out on an appearance bond.

This bond is your promise that if freed, you will return to court on the required date. The courts put a lot of trust in A A Bail Able Bail Bonds. We do our part by helping to make the costs as low as possible for Florida defendants.


You want to get out of jail as soon as possible after being arrested on criminal charges. The longer you stay incarcerated, the more normal jail will seem. Well, we know better. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. If the prosecution cannot make their case against you, then freedom is yours.

You do not want to risk going to court on a case prepared while behind bars. You will be tired, nervous and unsure of what is to proceed. You never know exactly when they will wake you up for court. You will not look your best or be thinking clearly.

The better way to handle your case is to get out on a criminal bond. A A Bail Able Bail Bonds will handle the payments. You just have to discuss collateral with us, if required.

Just remember that we are here to help. We work with you to secure your freedom from jail. This is the first step in a successful defense against the charges.


These bonds can be tricky because the legal procedures change from time to time. After all, American immigration law is always evolving.

You will want to come in and speak with us at A A Bail Able Bail Bonds to secure the release of your loved one from detainment. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Homeland Security, is very serious about removing immigrants they perceive to be here illegally or a threat to the well-being of the citizenry. If you or a loved one have been caught by the authorities on immigration charges, you want to get free to begin planning your defense.

Do not wait. No less than the right to remain in the country is at stake. Get out of detention, clear your mind and then start meeting with your attorney in a quiet, peaceful place.

Let A A Bail Able Bail Bonds help you get on the path to a successful immigration hearing and staying in America.


This amount is set by the judge to ensure the return of the defendant for court. The required bond depends on such conditions as prior convictions and nature of the current charges. Judges also consider flight risk as well.


Your bond may require collateral, such as real estate (home) or other property. In other cases, we can fund your release from jail with no-collateral, or security.

You may be required to pay an agreed upon percent of the total bail amount and we will take care of the rest.


The Florida jails are usually full. There is no benefit in locking up certain defendants. Both you and the state can work together to set up a signature and walk-thru bond.

The process is fairly simple and fast. We discuss the situation and set up a time for you to turn yourself in. The police arrest you and then virtually immediately release you.


Quite often, people have no idea that they are wanted by the police. After all, arrest warrants are signed without you being present. You can find out right now if you have an outstanding warrant by just clicking the link here.

We want you to be informed about your status. That way, we can better serve you. If need be, you can contact us, work out a time to turn yourself in and be out of jail fast. Just take the first step by checking for warrants now.

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